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Essential Aspects And Benefits Of Cargo Transportation

In this modern society the cargo transportation is the most used and handy service available for the clients.

Automobiles which are handled at many ports are usually carried out in many ships.

cargo transportation


Bulk cargos such as salt, oil, tallow and scrap metal are being carried by heavy lifting equipment.

Project cargo and heavy lift cargo includes manufacturing equipment, AC, factory machines, generators these are overweighed cargo which is too big or too heavy to fit in to the ship portal – in that case you can choose the road transportation.

Methods of cargo transportation

The cargo shipment may involve trucking, railways, air delivery and water way shipment, when the empty containers are shipped then each unit is referred as cargo and when the goods are not stored in it, then the content are termed as containerized cargo.

modes of transportation


The cargo transportation can be done through

Ship or Freighter

This kind of freighter is usually designed for the cranes and other heavy lift equipment to be loaded and un-loaded.

Number of cargos that is been handled in the international trade and export will be outside their country.

cargo ship


The freighter are broadly classified in to 5 groups such as

General cargo vessels – This cargo carry the packed items like chemical foods, furniture, machines, daily usage products, garments and day to day activities that we are using in our life.

Tankers – This will carry petroleum products

Dry bulk carriers – These will carry coal, grain, ore and other exact products

Multi-purpose vessels – This will carry liquid and general cargo

Reefer – It is also known as Refrigerated ship that is specifically designed for the use of fresh products such as fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and other foodstuffs.


This is a type of cargo designed to be carried in an air craft where the air cargo consist of freight, air express and airmail

The air cargo is broadly classified in to 3 types

air cargo transportation


Passenger aircraft – In this aircraft an extra space will be given for the freights apart from the passenger’s luggage space – this is also known as belly

Cargo aircraft – It carries the products on the main deck by the means of nose loading or side loading

Combi aircraft – The products are carried out on a main deck behind the passenger’s area.

Rail Freight - Most of the people use this as an efficient transportation for their products, but the rail freight may vary according to the locations.

The large shippers companies build the factory near to the rail lanes so that they can load or un-load the freights as they require.


This type of cargo transportation is done by the trucks where the goods are transported only by the trucks. The trucks vary in size, power and configuration. The modern trucks are powered by diesel engines and commercial trucks are very large and powerful to load the products.

land cargo transportation


This is the only cargo transportation offered by Integrated Logistics where our lifting capability is up to 2300 tons so we are able to offer you a world class range of heavy lifting equipment to fulfill your project requirement.

Before the transportation the goods must be properly packed to avoid the losses hence look at the rules for the packing.

Simple Rules for Packing

The size of the packing material is the most important in the transportation because in case of any ships or fuel container the packing is not necessary because since it is a large equipment it will take months to be delivered but in case of any valuable goods then you need to close them tight using a wrapping machine and if you are not having wrapping machine then you can replace the cords with adhesive tape. If you want to transport any liquid goods then it is advisable to pack them in hermetic containers and seal them in polyethylene and separate it from inflexible sealing material. It is advisable to wrap them in greaseproof materials and seal with adhesive tape.

rules for packing


Just follow these simple rules to have perfect transportation without the damage.

How to choose the best cargo transportation service

Exact reliable service – The success depends upon how the goods has been delivered in a exact time, so make sure the goods must be delivered to the customers in a most appropriate manner.

choosing cargo transport service


Affordable rate – In order to have your products in an exact and opt time try to check with all the features and reasonable price provided by the cargo transportation company before you choose it.

Make a best choice – Choose the best company by thinking twice and the services offered by them don’t waste your company by competing with the false services.

Features Of Cargo Transport Service

features of cargo transportation


tick Monitoring and transporting of materials

tick Proper management of cargo from origin to the destination

tick Proper storage facilities

tick Supervision of unloading and loading

tick Excellent freight maintenance

tick Reduced cost through route optimization and efficient operation

tick Accurate and complete documentation services

tick Friendly staff that can help clients with any query and concern

tick World class supervision facilities including the safe keeping of hazardous, sensitive cargo

tick Post shipping services like job-site unloading and checking

Responsibilities Of Integrated Logistics Regarding Road Cargo Transportation

tick The Arrangement for goods transportation will be perfect

tick We will make sure that the goods are properly delivered

tick There will not be any damage while loading or unloading the goods.

tick Procuring documents, licenses or permissions required for the transportation

responsibilities of cargo transportation


We the integrated logistics has been working with the large projects in this Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, offering services to industries like architectural, engineering and construction, Engineering procurement and constructions in oil, gas and energy sector hence contact us for your cargo transportation in the Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar with the wide variety of equipment for your project equipment.

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