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Integrated Logistics Company Provides You A World Class Heavy Lift Equipment

At Integrated Logistics we have the largest and most modern fleet of equipment that enables us to offer a wide range of heavy lifting solutions anywhere in the world and this fleet is subject to stringent maintenance programs, ensuring reliability and safety at all times.

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Heavy lift equipment varies in configuration from the manlift category, where machines are used to hoist personnel, providing elevated platforms from which they can work to forklifts, and various cranes to specialized hoisting equipment, with critical Heavy Lift Operations having constraints of space, maneuvering needs alternate solutions rather than conventional operation. Practically many Heavy Lift operations can be solved with an Alternative Lift Solution.

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Heavy lifting equipment at Integrated involves special considerations, such as lift radius, machine capacity at a given radius, wind speed, and ground conditions. Over the past several years, operator assisting devices have been added, starting with simply boom angle indicators to load measurement indicators and devices.

24 hour service


When it comes to large construction projects, it’s important to have a dependable heavy construction equipment rentals company you can rely on. At Integrated Logistics, we provide heavy equipment rentals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our heavy construction equipment rentals company has been serving the entire MENA region close to a decade. We provide service to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. We supply all heavy construction equipment rentals including, but not limited to, cranes, backhoes, compactors, dozers and excavators. All our equipment is well-maintained and thoroughly inspected, so you can rely on our offered services. Our customer service is top-rate, as we have knowledgeable, professional personnel that can assist your company’s construction projects. We offer not just the equipment rentals , but also assistance in helping you set and meet your goals according to a realistic timeline and budget, enabling Integrated’s process to be flawless.

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At Integrated, Heavy Lift Equipment is a compact powerful crane with high lifting capacities and state of the art technology, It is designed for heavy lift vessels used for the transport of large and heavy equipment. Most of the Heavy Lift Equipments are installed in a tandem configuration, one on each side or both at the same side of the vessel. Their capacity, range and structure are well-fitted for this specialized use.

kobelco cranes


The main, boom and auxiliary hoist winches are installed inside the wing section of the vessel. Therefore, the centre of gravity of Heavy Lift Equipment is located on a low elevation which is beneficial for the stability of the vessel. The steel structure built from high tensile steel and the crane not requiring ballast weight both contribute to a low own weight of the crane.

Transportation logistics


Integrated Logistics Co. offers variety of Equipment for Earth moving, Material handling, Lifting, Man Lifts, Power Generators, Welding Machines and many more…Integrated offers Total Logistics Solution on Turnkey basis, right from the point of Origin to the End of point.

To service all of your heavy to light hauling needs, we have tractors, rollbacks and flatbeds with a wide variety of trailers (low bed, drop deck, extendable, special excavator, deck modular axels and PST/SL –Self Propelled Modular Trailer). Our professional team has an excellent track record in transportation of over-dimensional vessel, cargo etc. Integrated Logistics Co offers all modes of transport and specialized over-land transportation. Bulk transport such as Cement, Gravel, Grains, Petroleum Coke, Fuel Products Distribution, Over Dimensional and Heavy Cargo.

Our mission is to provide the most reliable & cost effective logistics services to the market.

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