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Rig Move: The Smart And Significant Aspects

At Integrated Logistics Company we create custom-made project plans in close cooperation with our project managers, HSE Department and field supervisors; a rig move always starts with detailed preparations.



We guarantee our customers that their project will be carried out in accordance with the latest rules and regulations combined with the most recent field experiences to meet expectations.

Along with investing in state of the art equipment Integrated Logistics Company take great pride in the key staff and experienced operators who work closely with its clients to ensure every move is executed in accordance to the rig move plan.

rig move transportation


Integrated Rig Move Service is specialized and is far excellent in oil and gas logistics, begins with Safety, Planning and Performance around the key equipment for customized logistics solutions. Our 24/7 personal commitment to Oil and Gas logistics service needs to include not only transport services but include Drilling Rig Move, Super Rig Move, Work Over, Casing, Heavy Haulage. Our team’s knowledge and expertise of Oil & Gas domain equipment and supplies, rigs, bulk or packaged goods, and heavy lift transports are delivered where and when you need them.

Our team is constantly committed to adhering the industry’s highest safety standards, as well as our own high standard of delivering quality, timely results. We are an OSHA certified company.

OSHA certified company


Our experts have experience in moving rigs from any origin to final destinations which include:

graphics-arrows-818870 Safety

graphics-arrows-818870 Inspection / Survey

graphics-arrows-818870 Packing / Securing

graphics-arrows-818870 Shipping Plan

graphics-arrows-818870 Loading

graphics-arrows-818870 Documentation

Many of our crew members have been working together for a number of years, accumulating experience on many types of masts and we are one of the forerunners in rig move business.

Rig Moves – Safety Procedures that are to be ensured:

rig move safety measures


graphics-arrows-818870 Wearing personal protective equipment is a must when walking around the location; the least thing that is to be taken into consideration is that the supervisors shall wear a hard hat and safety shoes.

graphics-arrows-818870 The crane drivers must safe guard themselves by wearing hard hats and safety shoes when they are out of their cranes and the drilling crews in the mast when assembling or disassembling shall use safety belts and secure themselves.

graphics-arrows-818870 Drilling Supervisor will fully be responsible on both locations and the loads shall have a tag line on when lifted.

graphics-arrows-818870 The road safety must be taken care and also wide loads shall be moved in convoy these things are to be ensured by drilling supervisor.

graphics-arrows-818870 Smoking is strictly not allowed on the location during rig move.

graphics-arrows-818870 Organizing and guiding crane operations are ensured by senior personnel, Drillers, Assistant Driller, Mechanic and Electrician.

graphics-arrows-818870 A safety meeting should be held on both locations prior to the start of the operations and highlight all short-comings from the previous day this routine is must and should be followed.

“We own our equipment, we know it inside and out, we have its complete history and we always get the job done.”

Integrated Logistics Company has extensive experience in handling on- and off-shore rig moves, primarily in the MENA region, where ILC (Integrated Logistics Company) has helped build the oil & gas infrastructure prominently in the MENA region.

mena region


For any large and complex installation, our professional teams meticulously organize to prepare for their plans, drawings, method of statement, ground bearing test, check lists, plan and position the required equipment at site prior to the execution of the task.

If required, our professional team is more than happy to provide customers with 2D/3D technical drawings as well as simulation services.

At Integrated Logistics Company Projects are prepared in detail prior to their execution. After the working methods are chosen, lifting procedures, equipment lists etc. are prepared by our project managers in close cooperation with our supervisors in case of complicated projects they are supported by our engineers.

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