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The Essential Aspects Of Heavy Haulage Trucks

The movement of heavy equipped Tractors and Construction Plant due to the size and weight of machines requires the use of specialist equipment, our business is focused on over dimensional heavy haulage transport, Special cargo and heavy haulage means you need a strong engine, regardless of the distance you definitely need a robust chassis and a long-lasting transmission.

heavy construction equipment

Haulage vehicle deliver everything from essential everyday items to heavy machinery and dangerous loads, choosing a perfect haulage vehicle makes a great difference to your business and save a lot of time and money, the need for effective shipment and delivery solutions are growing rapidly.

heavy trucks

Heavy haulage trucks are much heavier than medium trucks, they weigh between 26001 to over 33000 lb from 11794 to over 14969 kg, these heavy haulage trucks are made in medium duty versions also and they are listed as follows:

integrated icon Belaz 75600

integrated icon BelAZ 75710

integrated icon Bucyrus MT6300AC

integrated icon Caterpillar 797

integrated icon DAC 120 DE

integrated icon Komatsu 830E

integrated icon Komatsu 930E

integrated icon Komatsu 960E-1

integrated icon Liebherr T 282B

integrated icon Terex 33-19 “Titan”

These vehicles are defined by power for extreme loads, Transmission for heavy applications and a wide range of extreme conditions. Initially during olden days teams of horses were used to move heavy haulages later they were replaced with Steam Traction engines to move large items such as Boilers, presses, Stone blocks, Machine parts and similar large items during the Industrial revolution, Integrated Me has a great heavy haulage trucks in their fleet & they are growing too.

heavy equipped tractors

Deliveries in general will need to take an alternative routes and working with Integrated Me road haulage firm gives you the advantage of drivers who know the best way to get to a destination without using the alternate Way, and will not simply blindly follow diversion signs in a queue of traffic, The move comes at a time when the road haulage industry as a whole is facing a shortage of skilled drivers, especially under modern regulations on certification and competence.

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We help you get delivered al kind of heavy machineries ranging to all sizes we have all kind of equipments in our fleet and we’ll get you delivered your machineries just the way you want.

Our heavy construction equipment rentals company has been serving the entire Middle East close to a decade. We provide services to Kuwait, Saudi, Qatar and UAE. We supply all heavy construction equipment rentals including, but not limited to, cranes, backhoes, compactors, dozers, excavators. All our equipments are well-maintained and thoroughly inspected, so you can rely on our offered services.

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