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The Evolution of an Integrated Logistics Company

The Integrated logistics company is a Brand today because we believe in continuous efforts and hard work. Integrated is the top crane and heavy equipment hirer in the entire MENA region, where our lifting capability is up to 2300 tons.

integrated logistics


Integrated Logistics Company is one of the forerunners in Logistics business that strives to bridge the void between you and the global arena; the organization grew from a mere logistics solutions provider to a diverse business conglomerate where we provide you excellent engineered solutions.

Integrated’s scope of services in transportation includes all types of trucking, trailers and equipment to handle a wide variety of requirements. No matter what the industry or region, Integrated caters to individual requirements.

“Moving super loads is complex, especially with the permitting and planning necessary to transport large equipment”

heavy lift equipments


Integrated’s experts supports and greatly helps its customer to plan their project and optimize the transport item sizes often long before a transport agreement has been made, We select the best suited vehicle for transport , schedule the transport and make a proper route plan where planning can generate considerable cost savings for the customer.

Our integrated’s fleet has been selected to offer a complete range of transporting services, where all vehicles are maintained to the highest standard and driven by qualified and experienced drivers.

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At integrated Logistics we combine multi-modal transport services and look for the best possible means of transport for you, naturally taking into account all the necessary parameters for a successful project and ensuring that your logistics chain is as eco-friendly as possible.

On planning a project, we keep our eye on small details without losing sight of the overall goal; After all, project logistics requires detailed preparation work so that we can advise you in a professional and comprehensive manner, we obtain the necessary permits from the authorities, bring together import, export and customs documents and coordinate your transport operations from the beginning to the end. Integrated’s Modern large vehicles are complex and high-quality investment goods, the transportation of which involves accordingly complex demands and requirements.

Regardless of the terrain, integrated logistics has the experience and equipment to devise the best solution for transporting a large variety of structures, materials, and equipment that are well equipped to handle heavy loads over convenient roadway or through work zones using specialized trailers and other transport systems.



Integrated Logistics can provide you with a complete transport services including loading, off-loading, trans-loading, transport fixture engineering and fabrication, travel route planning and project engineering consultations.

Integrated Logistics offers world class range of heavy lifting equipments to fulfill your project requirements; we own well trained, sound technical expertise on heavy lifting and erections, where we adhere to the international standard safety policies and procedures.

At Integrated logistics we offer you all modes of transport and specialized over-land transport, our only mission is to provide the most reliable and cost effective logistics services to the market.

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