Opening its doors in 2006, under the umbrella of INTEGRATED HOLDING GROUP, IEC was created on the core principals of ” Performance, Commitment & Trust ” under a committed leadership to grow among the business community as a company of innovation operating as an ” Equipment Trading Company “.

Being a strong, mature and conservative business house with a sound business philosophy, the Integrated Holding Group is here to stay. Here to contribute to the development of Kuwait & neighboring countries.

Expansion is a key note of our future strategy!

The foundation stone of our success has been a simple, but important belief :

We owe our clients and principals a prompt service of the highest quality”.

From management, to the professional team, our emphasis has always been on commitment to excellent service, and client satisfaction. At IEC, our objectives are to create a long term relationship based on reliability, and success.”


IEC’s philosophy is one of a highly professional representation company. Its goal is not only sales but also to provide total solutions and professional after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction. Using its high reputation within the government, semi-government & other major private organizations. IEC acts in close cooperation with its principals to ensure the match of their products, needs and requirements to those of the local market. The basic constituents of its overall philosophy are summarized as follows:

Close contact is maintained between IEC & its principals at all levels: technical, sales, management, administration & executive.

By maintaining the highest standards for training, IEC ensures that each representative, engineer, and technician have a thorough understanding of the equipment and systems that are sold and supported.

IEC’s technical & sales personnel are constantly motivated to seek and create sales opportunities..


IEC’s management created a policy that stands behind our success. It can be summarized in a few words:


In choosing products to trade with, we look not for the cheap, but for the reputable products of high quality and reliability. Before we deal with any international manufacturer, many sources are contacted and hundreds of products are studied intensively. The result is always top quality products to be offered to those customers who do not settle for anything but the best.

This policy is adopted throughout our work. It is applied to our merchandise that is being handled by IEC irrespective of its value.

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