Corporate Profile & History

Our most valuable assets are our employees

At IHC, we understand that excellent employees are our most valuable resource. That’s why we have created an excellent workplace with freedom to explore new and innovative ideas to ensure constant growth. We constantly review our human resource policies so as to ensure that we unlock the full potential of all our individual staff.

We welcome talented individuals to work with us and share their experience. We are a preferred employer at MENA region top business houses. We offer competitive compensation, diverse opportunities in terms of business and management roles, fast growth and promotional opportunities. For the same reasons, we are able to attract the best and the brightest talent at all levels.

Building Careers

IHC places a strong emphasis on performance, and we link both career growth and rewards directly to merit and achievement. We customize career paths and retention plans according to the unique needs of each individual. Right from the entry level, we draw career maps for each individual, outlining possible alternate career paths, which could include planned job rotations between functions or even our group of companies.

Performance Based Rewards

Employees with a proven track record of high performance and potential are identified annually through predefined assessment techniques. The Assessment Program is evaluated by a top management panel. These high achievers are rewarded with top rate compensation, retention bonuses and relevant training sessions.

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