SINCE 2005

Integrated Projects

Oil Field Services

IPC engaged in oil & gas services since the beginning of 2007. IPC oil & gas is backed up by professionals with more than 20 years of cumulative experience in the MENA region. The IPC has engaged in all key sectors of the oil and gas industry, including upstream, mid, and downstream.

Artificial Lift System

Integrated projects, provide a complete range of products and services in the field of the artificial lifting system. ALS is a method used to achieve production from the low BHP reservoir using different downhole pumps SRP, PCP, ESPCP, ESP, and GLS.

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Well Intervention Services

Maintenance procedures are performed on an oil or gas well upon completion of the well and production from the reservoir has begun. Well service activities are generally conducted to maintain or enhance the Well productivity, although some Slickline and coiled tubing applications are performed to assess or monitor the performance of the well or reservoir. Slickline, coiled tubing, snubbing and workover rigs and rod units are routinely used in well service activities.

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Drilling & Workover Services

Rig Services

The integrated Projects Company offers a versatile fleet of well-maintained service rigs for Well completion, workover, abandonment, and re-entry preparation services. The fleet is strategically positioned throughout Kuwait and in the gulf countries.

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Production Enhancement

Strategic Enhanced Oil Recovery

IPC Provides complete Surface and Sub-Surface Solutions for all types of EOR (Water, Thermal, and Chemical Injections) with the right Reservoir simulation tools and Professionals to Increase Production from the depleted reservoirs. We design, build, operate and service EOR systems.