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FBU Supervisor / Operator

FBU Supervisor
Job Description

Urgent Opening for Progressive Cavity Pump /FBU (Flush by Unit) Supervisor.
Responsible for Operate the Flush-by Unit, supervising the Progressive Cavity Pump systems installation, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and optimization of surface and downhole equipment. Responsible for coordinating the operations resources and ensuring that the work is completed on time with quality and safely. Also plays a primary role interfacing and coordinating with customers and management.
Adhere to Safety procedure and policies in accordance with safety management system. Including:
Active participation and contribution to specific safety initiatives in meetings.
Report all hazardous and unsafe acts.
Actively promote positive safety culture.
Adhere to Quality procedure and policies in accordance with the Weatherford quality assurance system, Including:
Compliance to work instructions.
Raising corrective actions for all non-conformances.
Identifying areas requiring improvement and / or audit
Provide field supervising services (supervise & participate) pertaining to the FBU installation, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and optimization of surface and downhole equipment for Progressive cavity pump systems (surface and downhole). Oversee the work and coordinate duties of the field technicians/operators at the FBU site.
Work closely with the operations team to schedule activities
Provide regular FBU job reports to the Progressive Cavity Pump Operations Manager.
Adhere to scheduled FBU maintenance/certification program
Assure all required resources to the operation, including personnel, logistics, and materials/equipment.
Remain in close contact with the Operation Manager and Project Manager to be informed about the operational requirements. Analyze these requirements in relation to equipment and personnel available and if necessary make.
Must possess a Kuwaiti drivers license; must have knowledge of any applicable driving regulations
A high level of communication skills
Ability to manage the customers issues
Ability to manage processes
Understanding of the client or end user requirements
Understanding the scope of works.

Degree/Diploma in petroleum or mechanical. Additional courses in Progressive Cavity Pump or RRL applications is a plus
Minimum 5 years experience in oilfield operations with Flushby units at well site and experience related with installation and operation of Progressive Cavity Pump or RRL systems.
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