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Integrated Logistics a Leading Provider of Crane Hiring and Renting

Integrated Logistics are fore runners in hiring and renting cranes in major areas of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The term “Crane” in general defines a tall machine that is used for moving heavy objects by hooking up them from a arm or a beam, it moves load beyond the normal capability of the human and it uses one or more machines to create a mechanical advantage, these cranes are most commonly used in transport industry for loading and unloading of freight and also used in manufacturing industry for the assembling of heavy equipment.

Crane hire services in Kuwait


There are different types of cranes available, each tailored to a specific use. It generally ranges from smallest job cranes that are used in a workshop to tallest cranes that are used for construction purpose, mini – cranes are also used for constructing tall buildings, there are also floating cranes used for oil rigs and salvage sunken ships.

There are three major principles involved in handling a crane:

First: The Crane must be able to lift the weight of the load.

Second: The Crane must not topple

Third: The Crane must not rupture.


Types Of Cranes:

Over Head Crane:  

This crane is also known as bridge crane, it is most commonly used in factories that runs along rails along the building’s two long walls. This crane has a overall system integrity with a lower deadweight.

It consists of a bridge, which spans the area covered by the crane, and a trolley to move along the bridge.

Over Head Crane

The most common use of over head crane is in steel industry, until it leaves the factory as finished product steel is handled by a overhead crane.

Mobile Crane:

Mobile cranes consists of a truss or telescopic boom mounted on a mobile platform, these cranes are commonly called as conventional or hydraulic cranes.

These cranes can travel on a highway that eliminates the need to transport crane on special equipment.

Mobile Crane


Many Truck cranes have slow travelling speed, so great care must be taken not to swing the load sideways, they also have moving counterweights for stabilization. A Full equipped crane can turn a complete 360 degrees whereas few cranes can rotate only up to a limit of 180 degrees.

Side Lifter Crane:

It’s a semi-trailer or a road going truck that transports ISO standard containers, it can lift a container from the ground or from a railway vehicle . This lift is done with the help of a parallel-crane like hoists.

Side Lifter Crane


Terrain Crane:

Terrain cranes are equipped to travel on a rough terrain with the necessary equipment to travel at speed on public roads, the roadability of terrain cranes are coupled with Truck-mounted Cranes and the manoeuvrability of Rough Terrain Cranes.



Pick and Carry Crane:

Pick and Carry Crane is similar to mobile crane that are designed to travel on a public roads, these cranes are designed to lift the loads and carry them to a specified destination of a small radius.


These cranes are commonly used in many steel fabrication yards as they are required with relative ease.


Carry deck Crane:

This is a 4 wheel crane with a 360 degree rotating boom and a operator cab located at the other end of the boom, it’s very similar to pick and carry crane that allows the load to be moved by the crane over short distances.

Carry deck Crane


Telescopic Handler Crane:

They look similar to terrain cranes that have a telescoping extendable boom like a crane, these cranes must be lowered before lifting so that it can take a 360 degree telescopic turn. These cranes are very expensive and commonly used by armed forces.

Telescopic Handler Crane


Crawler Crane:

One of the great advantages of Crawler crane is that it performs each lift with less set up cost and the biggest disadvantage is that they are very heavy that they can’t be shifted from one job site to other without significant expense.

Crawler Crane


Rail Road crane:

Rail road cranes are used for maintenance work, recovery operations and freight loading, they are mounted on a flatcar and are purpose-built. They have flanged wheels to use on a rail road.

Floating Crane


Floating Crane:

Floating cranes are mainly used in the construction of bridges and ports, they are also used for loading and unloading heavy loads on or off ships. The lifting capacity of Floating crane exceeds up to 10,000 short tons.

Floating Crane

Aerial Crane:

They are also termed as “Sky Cranes”, they are usually helicopters that are designed to lift heavy loads, and these sky cranes can reach even to a most remote place which is not possible with conventional cranes. They are most commonly used to lift loads to shopping malls and to other high raised building.

Aerial Crane

At Integrated Logistics private limited they offer a world class range of Cranes for Hiring and renting in MENA regions such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc they have different types of cranes for hiring, based on customers’ needs. Integrated Logistics own well trained, sound technical expertise on heavy lifting and erections, where they adhere to the international standard safety policies and procedures.

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