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Integrated Logistics

Our Services

Integrated provides key services for heavy lifting, Port Operations & Stevedoring, and specialized transport.



Equipment Leasing & Hiring Services

For large construction projects, it is important to have a reliable heavy equipment leasing company. At Integrated Logistics, we rent heavy equipment around the clock, 7 days a week.

Our heavy construction equipment rental company has been operating throughout the Middle East for almost two decades. We are present in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.



Heavy Lifting Services

Our Lifting Capacity is up to 2200 tons.
Integrated Logistics offers a world-class range of heavy-lifting equipment to fulfill your project requirements.

Our ability includes and is not limited to providing specialized lifting services and engineering and rigging services. Well-trained, sound technical expertise in heavy lifting and erections. We adhere to International Standard Safety Policies and Procedures.



Heavy Transport (Haulage)

The integrated reach of transport services includes all types of trucks, trailers, and equipment to meet a wide range of requirements. Regardless of industry and region, Integrated responds to individual needs.



Alternative Lift Services

Alternative Lift Services (Gantry System)

Critical Heavy Lift Operations Having constraints of space, maneuvering needs alternate solutions than conventional operation. Practically many heavy lift operations can be solved with an alternate lifting solution. Integrated Logistics Co. offers specialist solutions with hydraulic gantry cranes.

Jacking & Skidding

Jacking systems can be an alternative for lifting where space is a constraint. The integrated fleet consists of several types of jacking systems in its fleet. A skid system consists of a series of skid beams displaced by hydraulic thrust cylinders, traveling on a pre-built runway, made to measure for project requirements.



Earth Moving

Any construction or Infrastructure Projects start with earthworks, where Integrated logistics have ranged fleet with different sizes and capacities, our specialized team exhibits vast experience in earth moving works. We have the latest equipment, Excavators, Backhoe, Wheel Loaders and many more.

Demolition and Construction activities engaged by our team and machineries.



Industrial Equipment Services

This service includes Various type of

  • Air Compressors
  • Welding machines
  • Tower Lights
  • Man Lifts
  • Tele handlers



Rig Move Services

The Integrated Rig Move Service is specialized and is by far excellent in oil and gas logistics, starting with safety, planning, and performance around key equipment for customized logistics solutions.

Our 24/7 personal commitment to Oil and Gas logistics service needs to include not only transport services but include Drilling Rig Move, Super Rig Move, Work Over, Casing, and Heavy Haulage.



Energy Services – Power Rentals

Integrated Logistics offers Power Rentals for Temporary Project Locations or Permanent Power Rentals at Telecom Towers or when there is no electrical grid available. Our offering of power not just supplying the Generators, a team of expert engineers and electrical technicians understand the needs of the customer, proving adequate sizing of the generators, and transformers with all the associated requirements such as Fuel tanks, Load banks, Synchronizers, totals panels as per the client and project requirement.



Shutdown Management Services

Integrated is a leading logistics supplier for oil and gas, petrochemical companies, and energy industries in Kuwait and Qatar. Several Shutdown and maintenance projects were performed with a critical timeline with increased efficiency.



Tower Cranes

Integrated Logistics Co’s Tower Crane Rentals division is Kuwait’s Largest Tower Crane Rental Company with a big fleet size of Tower Cranes working across Kuwait. These Tower Cranes for hire are being used for residential & commercial projects, civil construction, high-rise building infra constructions, bridges & flyovers other construction activities.



Port Operations

Integrated Logistics is one of Kuwait's leading port operators. Integrated management has many years of experience in the management via voice port Stevedoring/ Bulk material handling, storage management, and transportation to end users.